Betsy (snoopdoggydawg) wrote in reenacting,

Reenacting = LARPing?

Last week I was out to lunch with some coworkers. Some of them know that I reenact, and some of them don't, and as a topic it came up. Apparently, they had been discussing this when I wasn't present (not in a negative way, just in a by-the-bye kind of way) and there was some question of whether or not what I do is LARPing.

At first, my reaction was "Absolutely not!". My basis for this was that I do research and base my actions on what actually happened. However, as the discussion continued (and my coworkers got to ribbing me), I got to thinking - IS reenacting any different from LARPing? Both are based upon creating a story/character and acting like you are in a different time/place.

So I thought I'd put it to you, as an interesting question. Is reenacting LARPing? Why or why not?
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