Julie, JulieInTheGreen, "Squire!" (brickhousewench) wrote in reenacting,
Julie, JulieInTheGreen, "Squire!"

Um, is this thing on? *pokes*

Seems like so many people that I used to read here have defected to FaceBook. Or to DreamWidth. Anyone still reading and writing over here on Live Journal?

So, it's winter. Which means I'm stuck in the house and on teh Intarwebs again. Time to poke this community and start up my nosy questions again.

This week's question - Did Santa bring you anything spiffy for your kit this year?

Or, did you give/make anyone something spiffy for their kit this year?
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December 29 2010, 13:34:38 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  December 29 2010, 13:36:04 UTC

I am still here but only post occasionally. FB is good for short quickie updates but here I vent like it's a diary.... a friend locked diary that is.

Oh, Santa Steve bought me a beautiful Victorian Mourning brooch for my Victorian Kit!
Oooh, that explains the plans to make a mourning gown!
Nothing new for the kit, but we did get some new homebrewing stuff, which is a big part of our reenacting these days.
Sounds like a most excellent holiday gift!
Still here and lurking.

For some reason the Nationale Volksarmee winter regulation uniform is too much for the West Texas winter. XD
Too much wool for Texas?
I gifted my dh with 2 books about handsewing, wooden button molds, silk thread, and linen thread. I will be learning how to make deaths head buttons and thread buttons this year. I got money to order my own tent! Whee!
I finally got my own tent (second hand) last fall! *squee*

Deleted comment

You sound like you've been really busy with school. Although I will admit, that I started lurking your journal originally to read your project posts. =)

Deleted comment

Both Santa and my family failed to get me anything worthwhile, but I used part of my end of year bonus from work to buy myself the sewing machine of my dreams - I'm now the proud owner of a Bernina 950! :D
Oooooh, shiny!
I still read, but school usually has me too busy to write.

I bought myself a new viola da gamba. Santa got me cash to help make that happen. That should come in handy at bigger 17th and 18th century events, or at least the more "civilized" ones.